I hope you are enjoying peaceful lives with the guidance of Reiki.
Many things happen in our lives. If we look at them in a positive light and face them honestly, we can learn and grow. When we are in difficult situations, we can truly feel the benefits of Reiki.

Reiki is now widespread in the world as a gentle and effective healing method, and there are many interpretations and uses of the same energy. While the usages of Reiki are broad, the original Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho came from Mikao Usui Sensei's enlightened teachings on the peace of mind, or Anshin Ritsumei. In other words, he taught that the purpose of life is to fulfill one's role in life while maintaining a peaceful mind, unaffected by anything that happens in life. Gendai Reiki is a structured method that is easier to understand and practice.

Many Gendai Reiki masters, across borders and beyond a language barrier, have sincere love for Reiki and understand Usui Sensei's teachings. Furthermore, to ensure that all masters share the same core essence, the official manual is the only place to which they can turn to in order to pass on the correct teachings of Usui Sensei without mistakes.

Sadly, we have found that some masters altered our official manuals, deleting important parts, and adding other things to them. This will prevent us from teaching and passing on Gendai Reiki Ho correctly to the next generations. 

We are providing newly revised manuals in English and Spanish. We took this opportunity to consult with our staff and key masters overseas to establish the International Common Standards for Gendai Reiki Masters, to eliminate alterations and other issues to protect the manuals' legitimacy. Common Standards have a lot of details, and some people may find them cumbersome. However, these rules will not limit your activities but protect your practice, activities, and yourself from undesirable circumstances. On this occasion of the official manual completion, we have decided to introduce a global distributor system to ensure the smooth delivery of the official manuals.

We have chosen our distributors based on their past activities, understanding, and passion for Gendai Reiki, and excellent relationships with people who speak the same language. There may be times in the future to have additions or replacements, but this time, we believe that we have chosen those who understand the purpose of our objectives and are willing to work with us.

We hereby confirm that the distributors selected are authorized by me, Hiroshi Doi, and the Gendai Reiki Healing Association's entire staff on the premise of following the International Common Standards for Gendai Reiki Masters and enforcing the rules. They are entirely entrusted with the distribution of the official manuals and all related work.

Hiroshi Doi
Gendai Reiki Healing Association