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NO Distant Teaching in Gendai Reiki

My deepest sympathy for those who have been affected by COVID-19.

Please practice your daily self-Reiki treatment to keep yourself strong, healthy, and improve your spirituality. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed our lives in all fields in the world. We need to endure and survive this situation patiently, and so must I. 

I received a question from multiple masters if a distant class and distant attunement can be offered online during this period. My answer is no, even in this time of emergency. As an exception, you can have review sessions online for the levels your trainees have already taken. Introduction Level can also be taught online because it is about the history of Reiki, and there is no attunement.

A face-to-face class means that a master and the trainee must be together in person. Mikao Usui Sensei had the strict rule for Shihan (a master) to teach Reiki through Shihan's personality and spirituality, sharing the same energy field resonating with Reiki. An online meeting is not considered to be face-to-face. Gendai Reiki has inherited Usui Sensei's tradition, and I hope you can understand and protect it.

We use the term "Gendai Reiki master," not "Gendai Reiki teacher," because we put a strong emphasis on teaching spirituality and growing together with trainees. A Gendai Reiki master must transmit correct Reiki energy to trainees and teach a deep spiritual aspect of Reiki that Usui Sensei originally taught.

It is also crucial for a master to correctly determine the best time to give the trainee attunements. If you can't meet with your trainee in person regardless of the reason, that is not the right time for you to offer a class or attunements.

Those who took distant classes are not recognized as Gendai Reiki masters or practitioners. The International Common Standard for Gendai Reiki Masters is available in Japanese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese languages.

Please stay safe and healthy.

Hiroshi Doi

April, 2021

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