Dear Gendai Reiki practitioners in the world, 

I hope you are enjoying a peaceful life with the benefits of Reiki.
The Tokyo Olympics was scheduled in 2020, and we in Japan were preparing to welcome you from abroad. I was also looking forward to spending some time with you at my seminars and hosting an international Koryukai in Ashiya while you were in Japan. However, sadly, we had to postpone it due to the COVID pandemic. We will stay on this earth for a certain period of time and repeat the various experiences to deepen our learning and go to higher levels. In that sense, we can see the COVID pandemic as a necessary experience for improvement, not a wasted one.

More and more Gendai Reiki masters are offering classes in Japan, partly due to the less strict restrictions for going out and gathering. More people seem to realize that Reiki can help them in these difficult times. As the number of Gendai Reiki practitioners abroad is increasing, I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to pass on information from Japan.
At the suggestion of Ryoko Julia, who has been a point of contact for Gendai Reiki masters and practitioners worldwide for handling official manuals, I have decided to start the official English website of my Gendai Reiki Healing Association. Ryoko is also very busy with her work, so I know this will be a significant burden on her, but I hope it will be useful to provide information about Reiki from Japan to people abroad, as well as to learn from and interact with other Gendai Reiki practitioners who share the same values.

Lastly, I have seen many wonderful movements that Gendai Reiki groups naturally formed around local Gendai Reiki masters who live wonderful lives in resonance with Reiki in the world. However, as I have always said, I do not have a single protégé. No one in any country has been given my deputy or special authority. All Gendai Reiki practitioners who walk the Reiki-do path are in the same light circle as me. 

All Reiki practitioners need to improve, and I hope this English site will help fill the earth with Reiki's light, as dots connect to form a line, and the lines combine to create a surface.

Hiroshi Doi
November 1, 2020