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November 22, 2022

Learning Reiki can be compared to climbing Mt. Fuji from the bottom to the top. It is dangerous to reach the top all at once without any preparation. The curriculum (study at each level) is designed to make the climb safe, secure, and enjoyable. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to teach two levels consecutively. I have seen masters certifying complete beginners as masters in a few days, which is outrageous.

The path of Reiki is to learn for health and happiness. Many people are attracted to taking courses by an advertisement phrase "for busy people" and end up moving from one Reiki lineage to another without understanding it much.

Level 1 in particular is the most important stage, as it is the foundation for all future studies of Reiki. The traditional way to learn Reiki is in person, sharing a high energy space and feeling the warm energy of the master. There is no need to rush to the next level. Each time you learn and practice, you will feel joy in knowing that you have gained something. Don't waste your precious time and money.


As an ongoing commitment to the entire Gendai Reiki community, we like to keep our community informed about all our latest rules.
Please check this page often to see what’s happening in our community. 

International Common Standards for Gendai Reiki Masters are set forth by Hiroshi Doi Sensei to ensure the safe and correct practice of Gendai Reiki Ho. It is necessary to pass on Gendai Reiki correctly to the next generations.
Please click on the button "Download" below for your copy.

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